Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More of Less

I may not have called it More of Less Mondays or Monday's More of Less, but the plan was to have  More of Less post every Monday.  Turns out that just doesn't work for my schedule .  So, I am moving them to Tuesday (for now).  

Two weeks ago our carpenter delivered and installed a custom (mini) cabinet for our bathroom.  Which meant I needed to clear out the "temporary" cabinet we had been using for the past two years.

I will never cease to be amazed on how much stuff can be crammed into a cabinet.  There was lots of stuff and most of it we really did not need: duplicates, half empty bottles of products that did not live up to the marketing promise, expired products and so on.

You can see it was not really pretty on the outside and worse inside.  As always, when something new is brought in it brings about changes (work) in another part of the house.

I decided to move the cabinet into our utility room to store cleaning supplies.  They use to be in containers on the floor.  For some reason I forgot to take before pictures.  My guess is that it was probably something deep within me that did not want to share what it looked like.

In the next few months I plan on adding a print and more importantly hiding those cables. I would love to do something like this, but we have a lot of mechanical equipment (for solar water heating and rain cistern, meters, etc.) in this room so I think that keeping this side as simple as possible it the best way to go.  It will never be pretty, but anything should be an improvement.  Maybe I will even begin to like doing laundry, not likely though.

As you can see I have a seemingly lifetime supply of cleaning rags.  First off, my husband bought a lot of them from a bulk supplier on e-bay and then I am sucker from trying new stuff.  Doesn't really fit the More of Less theme, but I am still in the process of getting there.

Next week I will show you our new cabinet in the bathroom.  Yes, this is a cliffhanger ending.  :)

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  1. That is a big improvement and the cabinet looks nice in the laundry. This post comes at a good time for me as I prepare myself to open the door of my future studio and present junk room...Love the laundry with the wallpaper, who wouldn't enjoy folding clothes in that area!!


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