Thursday, May 19, 2011

More of Less

Should I just ignore that today is Thursday and this should have been posted on Tuesday?  I think that may be the best tactic.

Over the weekend  I tried to find a package seeds in our storage shed.

I think that you may realize my dilemma.  In case you don't, it is a !!?$*@#! mess.  I don't have any after photos yet because I haven't actually started on the project.  At least not physically,  but I have spent many horrified minutes starting at it.   This task will have to be tackled in stages.  Stage one to follow next week.


  1. I start all my difficult projects the same way...just staring, and then I finally figure out what to do. Sounds like you are on the right track.

  2. I love that you are going through your whole home and tackling it all....I cleaned my fridge the other day and thought my family should throw me a was so gross! I'd help if I lived closer!

  3. @Sherri - Hi. What ever you did it worked, it rained today.
    @Heidi - Cleaning out the fridge is a reason for a party!

  4. ohhh gott. du machst mir sooo schlechtes gewissen. was ich alles machen müsste. *puuuh*

  5. Danke für den Blogtipp! Der ist großartig.


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