Friday, May 27, 2011

More of Less

Or should I say "More of Late"?  Not too long after I committed to organizing our storage shed and hit the "Publish Post" I seriously regretted it.  That moment came after I went back in to take stock of stare at the mess.  Honestly, I spent the rest of the week avoiding the project.  Seemed like a good week to clean the windows to me.  However, yesterday blogger guilt got the better of me and I got started.

Like I said, I got started.  In my eyes the space has a long way to go.    There is still a lot of stuff in there that we really don't need:  a folding wheelbarrow (no idea why I thought we needed it), planters from our apartment that we haven't used since, a bent up pitchfork etc.   You might have noticed it already, but in case you haven't I forgot to put Sam's bike and Kettcar back in before I took the pictures.  I didn't realize it until I got back inside and downloaded the pictures.  Thought it looked to good to be true.

Unfortunately we still have this stuff.

Have I mentioned before that Hot Wheels toys are ugly and that at times I don't care for my brother?  Consider it said.

We need to re-work how/where the garden tools are hung and the placement of some of the miscellaneous stuff on the shelves.  One day I plan on getting matching storage containers. Maybe I will do an accent wall. :)


  1. You just need to throw those toys all over the yard like me and then your done! It looks so amazing!

  2. Oh, ich will auch so einen tollen Schuppen haben, bitte!!! Mein kleiner Keller platzt aus allen Nähten und als nächstes Projekt will ich mein Arbeitszimmer verändern, aber dazu brauche ich Abstellplatz im Keller, der leider nicht da ist... Son ein Schuppen wie eurer käme da gerade recht. Ich finde er sieht schon sehr gut organisiert aus! Schönes Wochenende dir und deiner Family!
    x. Tesca


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