Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Things Go

And other things enter. 

Insanely awesome things.  This Plycraft lounge chair and ottoman made their way into our home a few weeks ago.  You see, I have been up to more than purging around here.  I did get rid of a sofa (see the first picture in my last post) to make room for them.  My parents bought the set 49 years ago and I am elated that my mom said yes when I asked if I could have it.  Thanks Mom!  Now I just need to talk her out of a teak dining table, high boy and buffet.  Not gonna happen, but I can dream. The chair needs a different pillow and I am thinking of painting the nesting tables, but those are just little details.  In my book it is both useful and beautiful, so it is a double score.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More of Less

Is thinking about posting the same as actually posting?  Maybe "More of Less" also applies to blogging? This blog in particular.  Excuses I know, but somewhat valid sounding.

Well, I have been busy with stuff. Literally.

I took this picture the eve before our big Sperrmüll pick up a few weeks ago.  This pile of stuff equals the weight I felt lifted from my shoulders when I came home the next day to find it gone.

A long overdue closet purge is another item that I can finally strike through on my to do list.  The fruits of my labor consisted of 5 bags of clothes to donate and a bag destined for the trash.  Among the items I let go was a top that I wore the day my grandmother died.  Every time I looked at it, wore it (yes I did), or washed it I was transported to that horrid day.  I should have donated it a long time ago, but it is gone now and I suppose it is all part of the process of mourning.

I realize that I have been heavy on the topic of organizing and purging, but it is what has been on my mind.  Hopefully you will bear with me, because I am not quite done.   Besides all of the purging I did bring something "new" into our home.  A post on that later this week.