Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Things Go

And other things enter. 

Insanely awesome things.  This Plycraft lounge chair and ottoman made their way into our home a few weeks ago.  You see, I have been up to more than purging around here.  I did get rid of a sofa (see the first picture in my last post) to make room for them.  My parents bought the set 49 years ago and I am elated that my mom said yes when I asked if I could have it.  Thanks Mom!  Now I just need to talk her out of a teak dining table, high boy and buffet.  Not gonna happen, but I can dream. The chair needs a different pillow and I am thinking of painting the nesting tables, but those are just little details.  In my book it is both useful and beautiful, so it is a double score.


  1. What a beautiful chair! And in such perfect condition too, lucky you!

  2. Um, hello gorgeous! What a great piece -total coup!

    My parents have some fab stuff in their basement...an ocean away. One day!

  3. Whnsinn! Der Sessel ist ein Traum!!

  4. That is one great chair...lucky you and so great that it's staying in the family! Have a great weekend.

  5. I love the chair and pillow together...great style!

  6. mmmhhh...den will ich auch...sofort!


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