Thursday, November 10, 2011

More of Less

Is thinking about posting the same as actually posting?  Maybe "More of Less" also applies to blogging? This blog in particular.  Excuses I know, but somewhat valid sounding.

Well, I have been busy with stuff. Literally.

I took this picture the eve before our big Sperrmüll pick up a few weeks ago.  This pile of stuff equals the weight I felt lifted from my shoulders when I came home the next day to find it gone.

A long overdue closet purge is another item that I can finally strike through on my to do list.  The fruits of my labor consisted of 5 bags of clothes to donate and a bag destined for the trash.  Among the items I let go was a top that I wore the day my grandmother died.  Every time I looked at it, wore it (yes I did), or washed it I was transported to that horrid day.  I should have donated it a long time ago, but it is gone now and I suppose it is all part of the process of mourning.

I realize that I have been heavy on the topic of organizing and purging, but it is what has been on my mind.  Hopefully you will bear with me, because I am not quite done.   Besides all of the purging I did bring something "new" into our home.  A post on that later this week.


  1. Well, your organizing/cleaning has been inspiring to me! =) Kudos for tossing that top. Goodness, I need to toss some clothes myself...

  2. I always like seeing how good you are at just getting rid of stuff...very inspiring indeed!

  3. I have been slowly purging excess stuff from my closet for the past 2 years...and I think I am finally at a point where almost everything in my closet is something that I actually wear regularly. There are a few sentimental things that I don't wear anymore but can't bear to let go of nevertheless, but they live in a storage box in the basement until I can face tossing them...

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