Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More of Less

You might remember the painting from my post about it in March or you might remember the More or Less post I did back in April about the contents of the top drawer of this cabinet.

However,  I forgot neglected  did not want to show you what is behind the doors of the cabinet.  Here we go.

It could be worse, but it could be a lot better.  So, I pulled everything out to survey the situation.  This is always the point that I want to quit and run away. Far away.

Sheets and duvets that I will never use again, old pillows, a curtain from our apartment (love the fabric), gift wrap supplies and a small stash of children's gifts.  It might seem over the top to have a gift stash (and I had been beginning to think so), but I have actually gone into the stash twice in the last 4 weeks. So, for now it is a keeper.

I dropped off the extra linens, along with 6 bags of clothes, purses, and miscellaneous accessories at an Oxfam store this morning.  After this Christmas I should be down to one roll of gift wrap (brown packing paper) and then all of the gift related stuff can fit on one shelf.  Who knows maybe I will get all crazy and keep one shelf (hold on to your seat belts) empty.  Sometime down the line I need to oil the cabinet and do something about the old and dingy contact paper.  I am just going to simmer down for now though.

After all, this is much better.


  1. I always love seeing how nice it all looks when you are done...great job! xo

  2. I love your painting and cabinet not to mention the organization.....just perfect!

  3. That is a gorgeous cabinet! I would almost say "Who cares what the inside looks like?", but yeah, I know how that feels! =)

  4. Agree, the cabinet is beautiful. And Wow! the inside is now beautiful too. If you dare, you could add more shelves in the cabinet, that way you could store many things more in there

    I've followed your blog for many months now, but this (I think) is the first time I comment. Which is horrible, because I love comments myself but then don't bother to comment on other blogs, shame on me!

  5. @ everyone - Always nice to read your comments. Thanks!

  6. Ha! Ich kenne das so gut! Bei mir dauert es aber immer ewig bis ich mich dazu aufraffe etwas zu entmisten.


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