Monday, April 4, 2011

More of Less

It's Monday (just in case you haven't noticed) and that means time for another installment of "More of Less". To change things up a bit I decided to go to another room this week - the future guest room, maybe office for me.  When I took the picture of the painting that I have from my Grandmother last week I took a look in the drawer where I keep most of my gift wrap supplies and found this:

Not very inspiring is it, but a perfect candidate for my little column.  Out with all the saved ribbon and gift bags from gifts we received.  Why was I keeping it all if I didn't like it and had no intention on re-using it?  I don't really have a good answer for that, but it is gone now...

and I am not letting it back in. 

Next week there will no column on Monday as we are going on vacation (last chance for an off-season, whenever we want vacation before Sam starts the 1st grade in August), so the next installment is planned for Tuesday, April 19th.  Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Monica, ich bin auch so 'ne Schleifenmaus... Kann einfach nicht widerstehen, wenn mich eine mit frechen Vichykaro oder bunten Pünktchen anlacht.
    Gefällt mir gut, wie du sie nach Farben geordnet hast. Sieht nach Frühlingsfrische aus ;-)


  2. I love your ribbons....vacation how nice take a ton of pictures!!

  3. I love your ribbons too and how much nicer all lined up and ready to go. Good job keeping up your More For Less Monday. Have a good vacation and we'll see you when you get back. xo

  4. Monicamiga (Monicafriend)

    Curious, it is Friday here in Lisbon ... You could not have noted it ... lol

    Cute blog. I learned a lot of new things here. Thank you very much
    I hope for you in Minha Travessa.



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