Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More of Less

And I am back down in the basement.  We have had a lot of rain in the past few days, so I tried to put my time to good use with some organizing projects.  A quick trip to IKEA and I was able dig in.

As sad as it is, the above picture is a good representation of what our basement looks like.  You might remember this post from last year and it is even sadder to say that there hasn't been much lasting progress.  "Lasting" is the key word here.  I am starting to think that cleaning the basement is like going on a diet.  You loose a few pounds, but you gain it all back plus you add a few.  Until I am sure though I will continue to buy stuff to make the stuff I have look nicer.

On that note, while at IKEA I picked up two (should have gotten three) SORTERA flip top boxes,  so I could rid of the plastic bag storage for the bottle recycling.  A definite improvement in the aesthetic department and I hope it is equally functional.


  1. Ha, die haben wir auch - sind genial!

  2. Great containers, sure made organizing the bottles quick...Everytime I open my junk drawer I think of how good you are about getting things in order. Good job!

  3. The basement is the ultimate clutter zone in our house. It's hard to stay on top of. Good work!

  4. you are going to have the most organized house....what a difference!


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