Friday, July 29, 2011

More of Less

It has been very rainy here in Germany, so I had to regroup my to-do list and am now working on some projects I had thought to do in the Fall and Winter.  Last November I started to organize my spice cabinet.  Notice the word November (wet and grey).  It is now July (also wet and grey).  OK, I am now moving on. I still have a five tickets for the outdoor pool.  Moving on. At the BBQ we had this weekend guests huddled around the grills. Really moving on. Now. 

First thing I did was buy more jars during my trip to IKEA.  I had originally thought to buy the DROPPAR jars, but when I saw the ones from the 365+ IHÄRDIG series it was container love at first sight.  After a little rethinking about which spices would go in what jars I got out my glass marker  and got to work. Labeling was a step that I skipped last go around and I came to find it is really hard to tell the difference between curcuma, curry and masala once they are in the jars.

Much better.

I got rid of the box the salt comes in and am now storing it in this canning jar.  The opening was the perfect size to use during cooking.   Then I just added an unnecessary label and I was happy.


  1. mann mann mann... so strukturiert... also wenn du in deinem zuhause nichts mehr zum aufräumen hast, kommste hier her. da gibts genug zu tun!

  2. You now have me convinced to make a stop a Ikea next trip to those jars!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love those jars....great work Momma.
    I'm so sick of

  4. Ah, Monica, loving your organisation! If only we had IKEA here in Tasmania, Australia, I would also be stocking up on these nifty little jars. J x

  5. Looks great! My system for organising spices is currently a total disaster. I think I may have to check out the IKEA jars you ended up using the next time I go. My only fear is that I will need about 30 of them.

  6. Du kannst das ganze gerne bei uns wiederholen - wir sind Gewürzmessies.

  7. i just went to Ikea on Friday and totally forgot how slovenly my spice shelves are...grrr. I LOVE what you did with yours and will have to do the same with mine. Where did you get a glass marker and what is it called? So useful...

  8. Thanks everyone.
    @Juliette - The one I used on the jars in the pictures is a "Lackmalstift - Paint Marker" from Hobby Line. I got it in a craftstore. I thought the coverage could be a little better so this weekend I bought another one. The "Glaspainter Glasmalstift" from Marabu at Idee. der creativmarkt. This one I find a little watery, but it is suppose to be dishwasher safe after drying for 48 hours. I am waiting for it to dry....


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