Sunday, July 17, 2011

A quiet Sunday

Just a short post on this quiet and rainy Sunday, which also happens to be Milt's birthday.  We kept it simple today with just the three of us spending the day together.  I haven't had many quiet days in the past months so I am enjoying it to the fullest.

Next weekend we are having our annual Summer/Birthday BBQ celebration.  Probably won't be quiet, but should be fun and hopefully rain free.

♥ Happy Birthday Honey! ♥


  1. Hmmmm ... it looks delicious!
    I wish I could have a piece of that cake ;-)

    Have a great BBQ next week!!!

    Regards * Denise

  2. Lazy birthday days are so nice. That cake looks intriguing btw - what is it?

  3. Ruhige Tage sind die Besten! Ich hoffe ihr hattet einen wundervollen und natürlich alles Gute dem Geburtstagskind!

  4. A very Happy Birthday to your Milt! Have a great celebration at the BBQ!

  5. lazy birthday... klingt super :) alles gute nachträglich...

    und viel spass beim bbq.

    lieb grüß dani

  6. thanks everyone.
    @ juliette - lemon tarte and the laziest cake I ever made (sag nur Mondamin :) )


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