Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I love lavender and a walk through my garden should give you an idea just how much.

It bloomed pretty early this year as can be seen in this post from May and gave me a wonderfully long and fragrant season. 

I took this photo about two weeks ago and you can see that the blossoms were already a bit past their prime.  The bees where still all over it, so I decided to keep it around a bit longer.  This weekend it was time to trim it though (thanks Honey).

This year I couldn't bear to just through it out, so I decided to make lavender oil.  As you can see I was optimistic in this picture. See the three empty jars.  After a perceived eternity I plucked enough flowers to fill one jar and topped it off with extra virgin olive oil.

I have placed the jar by a north facing window and will try to wait two weeks I have been told it takes for the oil to be infused.   The remaining lavender is stored in a large plastic bag with the idea to fill another jar for oil or to make some sachets.  Note to anyone interested: plucking lavender is highly tedious, but relaxing. :)


  1. Your yard is just lovely! What a good idea to extend the enjoyment of you lavender, please let us know how it turns out.

  2. Was für ein traumhafter Garten! So einen hätte ich auch gerne. Ich liebe Lavendel und seinen Duft. Die Idee mit dem Öl klingt toll, aber bestimmt aufwendig. Ich habe dir übrigens eine Email gesendet... Viele Grüße Tesca

  3. How cool that you made the effort to try with the lavender oil! I hope the jar comes out well. Very French of you =)

  4. ohhh ja , is sooo toll - frisch und getrocknet!!!

    und erbeeren - ich überleg mal. ich würd wohl schon noch ein plätzle finden ;)

    lieb grüß dani

  5. Lavendel liebe ich auch sehr! Einen wunderschönen Garten hast du da!

  6. Was für ein schöner Garten. Ich kann den Lavendel förmlich riechen! Toll!


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