Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer is Back

Well, that might be a little overstated.   The title of this post should probably read  "The Sun is Back", because the despite mostly sunny skies we only had a high of about 21º C or 71º F today.  I guess after days of rain it doesn't take much to get that feeling of Summer.

My tomatoes don't seem to care about the weather though.   For the past few years they hadn't really done all that well, so this year I only planted two plants:  a San Marzano and a cherry tomato. Had I only known, I would have planted more.

Figures.  But I really shouldn't complain.  Instead I will make a simple tomato sauce and enjoy it this evening with my two guys.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Your tomatoes are just beautiful..they seem to love the weather. Have a great week!

  2. Wow, die San Marzano sieht ja Bilderbuch mäßig aus. Eine einfache Sauce aus sonnigen Tomaten finde ich auch total lecker! Bon appetit dir und deinen Süßen... Lieben Gruß Tesca

    P.S. Ich hab' leider die Telefonnr. von dem Buchstaben Stand verlegt. Erfrage ich beim nächsten Besuch dort...

  3. Du hast die Sonne gesehen? Bei uns ist sie irgendwie verschollen...

  4. Yeah, I knew I was desperate for sun when it finally showed up here around 7pm and I still dragged the laundry outside to air dry, ha!

    Fresh toms are the best! Lucky!!

  5. Yum, are summer went away again to cloudy and rain...yuck!

  6. booahhh... was für teile - hoffentlich schmecken die tomaten so lecker wie sie aussehen...


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