Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More of Less

So last week wasn't a very productive blog week for me.  I did do a lot of blog reading and I also spent more time at Pinterest than I care to reveal, but posting not so much.  Are you pinning yet? When I first read about it I knew that it would be dangerous, so I resisted.  A while back Tesca did a post about it and I have been hooked ever since.  It is a huge time suck and very dangerous territory, but lots of fun.   If you want to join let me know and I can send you an invite.  Don't say I didn't warn you though. :)

So now back to business.  It is Tuesday, the day for "More of Less" and we are back in the kitchen.  This drawer clearly needs help.

It is really suppose to be a baking drawer, but over the last two years other items have found there way in.  The popsicle molds are moving on out (glad that they caught my eye though because, duh, it is Summer now) and the Christmas cookie cutters don't really need to take up valuable real estate in the kitchen either.

They have been moved into the cookie tins and stored in the basement pantry (a site of future More of Less posts).  By the way, the heart laying next to the tin is one of my favorite cookie cutters.  The little notch on the side is to hang the finished cookie on the side of a coffee cup or glass of milk.

The drawer looks so much better now and I was even able to add a few items:  handheld mixer, mixing bowl, a Pyrex baking dish and a quiche dish.
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  1. Love the cookie cutter, cute idea. A super idea for me is, Christmas cookie cutters in the Christmas tins, that would help me locate at a time of year when my brain is 'everywhere'. The drawer ended up looking great!

  2. Hi Monica, thanks for including me in your lovely post. Yep, Pinterest is a time sucker, but I don't wanna miss it. So fun to meet you there too. Loved the popsicles you pinned. My kitchen in real life could really need some cleaning and organizing as well. Your drawers look just fab!
    Oops, sorry for not writing in German, but today I was all wrapped up in english reading and writing...
    Hugs Tesca xx.

  3. We're leaving for vacation soon and seeing this post is just adding to the whole gotta-make-the-house-spotless-before-I-go feeling! I'll have to tell myself to clean now and reorganize after the trip...

  4. When your done will you come visit me....looks great!

  5. Du darfst gerne mal meine Laden ausmisten :-).

    PS: Ich würd mich freuen 10 Dinge über dich zu erfahren!

  6. thanks everyone.
    @roboti - ich arbeite dran. :)

  7. Great, now I am hooked too. Jammer, jammer...


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