Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(Mini) More of Less

Hold on this is going to be an exciting post. ;) I am still working on organizing the storage shed and this week I did something small, but effective. When we started our garden we needed different types of shovels.   Instead of borrowing the ones we only needed for a few projects, we my husband went out and bought these.

We really only need one now, but I can't convince my husband to get rid of the extra ones.  You know how it goes - can't part with your stuff, then you need to find new ways of storing it so that it looks like you have less.

Mission accomplished.


  1. A great solution! Thanks for your comment on my blog - very kind. Looking forward to seeing your picture after your haircut :)

  2. I agree with Amy, that is a great solution. Your hubby is wise to want to keep all of the shovels as they really will be needed for different projects and you are wise to figure out a way to story them so well.

  3. Love the red and what a great idea!

  4. Die perfekte Ordnungsidee... so schnell wird aus viel, eben weniger, gefällt mir!
    Lieben Gruß Tesca

    P.S. ich bin übrigens umgezogen und würde mich freuen, wenn du auch in meinem neuen Blog Zuhause als Leserin dabei bist... ;-)

  5. Wanted to comment back to you. I was excited to find your blog. I love finding new ideas, and, low and behold, as I scrolled down to write this post, I saw the second picture and heard myself think "oh snap!" Doubling up on the hooks is a good idea!

  6. Ich bin noch keine weite Strecke gefahren, aber es fährt sich sehr gut! Es hat 3 Gänge, die für mich voll und ganz ausreichen! Nur der Sattel ist nicht so super bequem, aber für die City reicht es;)
    LG Vanessa

  7. so cute! i love those red garden tools you have - would make gardening so much more fun! xoxo, tracie


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