Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Less of this

New Year's resolution anyone?  I don't have a long list written out, but generally I would like this year to be a little less of this

and a little more of this.

I know, I know the drawer will probably never end up always looking like this, but it is a goal.  Speaking of goals did you see the shot of Benita's storage room in this morning's post? A thing of beauty.  Some of you might know what my basement looks like.  I definitely want less of that and so I am going to tackle it one drawer, box, or shelf at a time.


  1. Just looking at the 'after' of your drawer makes me want to get started on mine..thanks for sharing.

  2. Good plan Monica.. Good Luck with that.. ;o)
    Jo xx

  3. Jo - Nice to hear from you again. Hope you had a great holiday season!


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