Monday, January 24, 2011

More of Less.

Hi!  How was your weekend?  Despite the gray in gray weather mine was good.  In fact, this type of weather is perfect for cleaning and organizing. Who wants to be indoors doing that during a beautiful spring or summer day? Not me.  So, continuing with my search for a more organized home I went through several boxes of correspondence. Some dating back to my junior year in high school. Yes, high school and yes I keep paper. 

I couldn't get rid of everything, but I did go from these (very hideous boxes, although the two on the right might be referred to as vintage IKEA).

I ended up with one not so vintage IKEA KASSETT box.  Emma is looking very, well very Emma.  I am in the mood to do some more organizing so I will definitely be taking advantage of that this week.


  1. I love using those boxes and that's how I got my office organized =) I have to confess I still have notes from middle school...the kind that fold up into triangles, lol. However, they are at my parents house in the US! =P Unfortunately, there is a stack of stuff there that should really be HERE, but oh well. Good for you for purging though!

  2. I love the new boxes.. very smart, but those old ones are just begging to be recovered.
    Fabric, wrapping paper, wallpaper, there are allsorts you could do.
    I have what I call my Memory box.. it started as an old shoe box under the bed.. by the time I came here it was a banana box. I have stuff in there from as far back as junior school, and every item brings back a really visceral memory.
    So there's nothing wrong with that I say.
    I have found a nice lidded pandan box for it all though.. ;o)

  3. I love your printer word text and will put it on my blog too! Very nice blog, nice cat (similar to mine) and reading here I thought it could be me writting this, very much subjects that keep me busy too :-)
    Greetings from Frankfurt!

  4. @Juliette - Those boxes were at my parents house (they live just around the corner from me),but my Mom had been clearing out so I had to rescue them last summer. I did a pre-purge then and I had notes from grade school folded like yours.
    @Jo - I kept only two of the boxes as I am really try to purge and don't want more boxes to keep more stuff.
    @ jja - Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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