Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doormat - DIY

How is that for a post title?  I think obsess about a lot of things and doormats can, on occasion, be one of those things.  I have been searching for the perfect one ever since we moved into our house almost two years ago.  Last week the H&M Spring 2011 Home catalog arrived in my mailbox and this is what I found on page 2.

Cute, right?  I have been looking for something with a print and I like the chevron pattern. Our entry is somewhat exposed to the elements so the typical doormat just becomes a soggy mess on a rainy day.  Coconut fiber should do fine, I hope.

Unfortunately, it only comes in 50 x 80 cm and that is too big for our entry.  My first thought was to buy one and cut it down.  Then while writing this post I had an idea.... Make, or should I say paint, my own.  Plain coconut fiber ones are widely available and so is paint. :)  I have plenty of masking tape. No idea if this will work (well), but I figure if Anna can renovate her house, Benita can paint her house, and Dan can upholster his bed  then I can paint a doormat.  We will see.

(image: h&m)


  1. I agree. If they can do those things then you can do your project too. Go for it!

  2. ooh, love that mat! Definitely give it a try - nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  3. mhmmm... ich weiß noch nicht, ob mir die gefällt. ich glaub eher nicht ;-) ich hab früher zuviel zickzack-kleidung getragen. kanns wohl nimmer sehen. obwohl ich erst vor kurzem ne decke in dem muster mitgenommen hab.

  4. H&M has a home line jealous!
    I got to go into one of their stores on a trip once and was hooked!!! I can't wait for the end result.

  5. You absolutely can.. I saw a project to do exactly that on TV just the other day..
    You will let us see how it turns out won't you ?
    Jo xx

  6. Jo - I am planning too. Unless it turns out totally crappy. ;)


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