Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brownie Improv

On Friday I tried a new brownie recipe. Actually, probably my first that didn't come out of a box.  I made the double recipe and I didn't have two pans that were the size suggested.  So I came up with this improv.

I folded the parchment paper into a triangle at the end and used a silicone potholder to hold it in place.  Violà, it worked!

The brownies were for dessert on New Year's Eve and were a hit.  I received several comments along the line of how typically American they were.  Had to laugh to myself because the recipe was from an English bloke.


  1. i like your pic on the bloghead...

  2. You are brilliant to come up with that 'make do'! I thought I came up with some pretty unique tricks but I do believe that you have topped me on this one...And your first brownie recipe too, great job!

  3. @ soisses - Danke!
    @ Sherri - I surprised myself a little.


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