Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's in my Purse...

Carmen from retro meets vintage  ( I just started following her blog - cute) let her readers have a glimpse into her "holygrail" - her purse.  She asked everyone to join in the fun and share what is in theirs. So without further ado....

I have my glasses (which I should wear, but don't), pocketbook, cell phone, sunglasses, tissues, lollipops (Sam's), change, grocery cart token, gum (Sam's), makeup bag, mints, comb, a grocery receipt,  keys, non-slip socks (Sam's) and a hand held mirror.  Exciting stuff, no?


  1. I will never, never share the innards of my's horrid. Let's just leave it at that.

    Your purse is very neat and tidy.

  2. wow, my purse is not that exciting. I think it's basically b/c I have a big mesh zippy bag in there that is basically my 'real' purse, ha! I just switch my wallet and zippy bag between purses when I go out, ha. (black and brown, I am not that color coordinated, lol!)

  3. haha... jetzt wirds sympathisch. da sind ja socken ;-) ein bissi bissi bissi weng chaotisch... zumindest etwas. kam mir schon doof vor, weils in meinen taschen immer schlimm aussieht.


  4. My purse I had to peak and it looks more like it has everything but the kitchen sink!


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