Monday, February 7, 2011

10-10 4th Day

In keeping with the color trend that is sweeping Blogland (check out Benita's lamp) I tried to find yellow in my home for this installment of the 10-10 Challenge.

It was not an easy task.

  I even looked in the refrigerator in a moment of desperation.  Hey, it paid off.  :)


  1. dinos dinos dinos. ich seh nur noch dinos. mein kleiner hat jetzt nen dino-tick...

  2. @dani - ja, dinos sind ein grosser bestandteil eines jeden haushalts mit einem jungen... :)

  3. I love your group of yellow!! what is your weather like over there?

  4. @Heidi - Last few days we have had morning fog with sunshine in the afternoon. Temps in the mid 40's. No gorgeous snow shots, like yours, possible. I am definitely ready for Spring though.


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