Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flowers + Yellow

There has been a wave of color sweeping through blogland this past week.  Marie and Sherri called for flowers.  Dani (who has a lovely blog and a really cool collection of signage letters - check out her vestibule) showed hints of yellow throughout her home. 

Since I am, sometimes, practically inclined I combined both in this post.

Guess what the next subject for my 4th installment of the 10-10 challenge will be?


  1. Thanks for the mention. I just found out yesterday was something called Candlemas,(we don't have that in the U.S.) I heard about it over at Troc, Broc and recup. She has yellow Tulips also. Do you celebrate this in Germany?

    Are you doing flowers or vases in your next 10-10 ?

  2. Sherri - I have not heard of Candlemas. Yellow is a big home decor color trend for this year. I am generally not that big of a fan, but I am always trying to expand my horizons. You might guess it now, but my next subject is yellow. :)

  3. Pretty flowers....I have always loved yellow...I painted our house Yellow and then my neighbor lady painted her house the same color right next door to me!!! so I had to repaint oh well.
    I loved your ideas!

  4. Beautiful. That chair's a dream!

  5. I love the mid century chair too.. original or reproduction, or a modern interpretation maybe ??
    I myself bought three little pots of Primroses yesterday... so the yellow thing must be catching.
    They smell so gorgeous, and I have a long held [since childhood really] love of Primroses.
    Jo xx

  6. If by original you mean a 1946 chair, then no. :) I bought it from a small Herman Miller store in Brooklyn before I stopped working. It is one of my most prized possessions.

  7. So it should be... it's gorgeous. :o)


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