Monday, March 28, 2011

More of Less

The past week certainly flew by and here it is time for my second go at More of Less.  I decided to stick with the kitchen for this week because this is another drawer that has been bothering me for some time.

Kind of case and point, don't you think? I have always intended this drawer to be a junk drawer of sorts, but junk meaning to hold a myriad of things and not looking like this.

 Here is what I pulled out of the drawer and what I did with it all:

17 Pens  - keeping three and the remaining are going to the office (after checking if they work)
10 Markers - keeping three and the remaining going to the basement or office
1 Broken paint brush - trash
2 Old cellphones - to be donated
1 Box of tacks - to the basement
1 Pair of garden shears - to stay
1 Bottle of bubbles - to the basement
1 Roll of plastics bags - to the correct drawer
1 Calculator  - to stay
4 Mini water soakers (confiscated last year after I was soaked) - to outdoor summer toys
1 Candle - to candle drawer
1 Receipt - to warranty stuff
1 Orchid care instruction tag - trash
1 Fruit fly trap - to stay
1 Box of assorted stuff for our coffee machine - to stay
1 Set of instructions for an electrical timer - to be attached to timer, once I find it
1 Bag of sparklers - to holiday box
1 Bag and container of mini amarettini cookies - to the sweet shelf

I still need to look around the house to see if I can find a drawer insert that will fit.  If not, I have something else to add to my IKEA shopping list.  Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This painting entered my home a few months ago when we had to remove the last of the things from my grandmother's home. She bought it from a door to door salesperson probably close to 50 years ago.  For as long as I can remember it had hung her stairway, but I do remember seeing a photo of it hanging in her living room with a striped wallpaper.  She always said that she loved the way the Senorita's eyes would follow her when she walked by and that fact always fascinated me when I was a child.  I remember going up and down the stairs with my eyes on the painting.  I never thought it would one day belong to me, but I am happy to be able to give it a new home.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More of Less

Progress, one drawer down and a lot more to post about in the future.  Once I got everything out of the drawer I couldn't believe how much I (and my husband) had stuffed in there.  Among the stuff I pulled out of the drawer were enough lentils and beans to feed my block.   The result of running out to the grocery store and not checking what we have.  The upside is that I have a few dinner ideas now, lentils anyone? :)

Once I had everything out, I wiped the drawer out with a vinegar/water solution, sorted what should stay in the kitchen and what should go in the basement pantry and put those items back that we need on a regular basis.

As always, when I re-organize anything I find we need more containers.  A trip to IKEA is definitely going to be put on the schedule soon. We haven't been in ages and still haven't gotten the spice jars I need for my spice cabinet overhaul.  I am definitely going to need a few more 365+ Containers to get rid of the last of the bags.

Of course, this was really the easy part.  The real work will be to keep it the way it is now.  A little maintenance and maybe some sort of standard shopping and/or stock list.

Next Monday there will be another "More of Less".  Not sure yet if I will just continue in the kitchen or move on to something else.  Probably the latter, because that is the way I tend to do things around the house.

Monday, March 21, 2011

More of Less - The Column

The last week of chaos on our planet has brought about the need to create a little more order in my world.  I have occasionally posted about organizing in the past (among others here and here) and have often thought of doing it on a regular basis.  So, with a little push from the Blogging Your Way e-course, that I am currently enrolled in,  I have decided to start a weekly column of sorts showing my way to less chaos. I've titled it  "More of Less" and will show my progress one drawer, box, shelf, or whatever at a time.  Starting next week, the column will be posted Mondays Tuesdays randomly. So,  I have officially committed uncommitted.  :o

My first project is going to be the pantry drawer in the kitchen.  It currently looks like this:

Tomorrow, it will look a lot different.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For Japan with Love - A day of silence and respect

My heart has been heavy with the images of the devastation caused by the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan.  The footage of towns being swept away seems surreal, but the stories that are being told drive home the reality of the tragedy.  The feeling of helplessness could prevail, but we can help.

Today Frauheuberg posted about For Japan with Love organized by Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours to help raise funds for ShelterBox.  Please join in on a day of blogging silence to honor and respect the people of Japan this Friday, March 18th and perhaps help with your donation. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cold Days, Sunny Days, So-So Days and Birthdays

It's been a while, over two weeks to be exact.  Much longer than I ever intended to be away (at least unannounced) from my blog.  Not that I didn't think about it. I did, everyday and sometimes hourly.  Amidst the cold days, sunny days, so-so days and birthdays it just sort of happened, but I am back now. :)

In February I enrolled in the Blogging Your Way e-course and classes started on February 28th. The course is being taught by the lovely Holly Becker of Decor8  and Leslie Shewring of  A Creative  Mint.  These two ladies are a creative force to be reckoned with and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be exposed to their blogging (& life) wisdom during the four week duration of the course.  The "classroom" is huge with bloggers from all over world taking part and enhancing the experience by bringing their great talent into the mix. The past two weeks of lessons have given me a lot to think about and I expect there will be more food for thought in the remaining two weeks.  Today we received another set of materials (styling, photo processing and flower arranging)  from Leslie and I can't wait for dive in. 

Last week Sam was invited to a birthday party and instead of going for the in-store gift wrap service, which is totally uninspired, I took matters into my own hands.  I loved it, Sam loved it, the recipient didn't pay much attention to it, but his mom really dug it. On a related note, I must be the only person in blogland that doesn't have a stash of washi tape.  I hope to rectify that over the weekend.

Hope you have a good one.