Friday, January 20, 2012

The List

Week two of the William Morris Project and it is time for a plan.  Time to put all those things to be done on one list  - The List.  I have partial written lists all over the place (that is me, all over the place) and lots of items I would like to complete, but never dared to put on paper or just don't have the money for.  Jules wrote out her list by room and I have to admit that I had a bit of a "Ah Ha" moment when I read it.  A list by room, how totally elementary and yet it never entered my mind to do so.  I did a walk through of our house and property and here is what I came up with.  Feel free to skip to the picture of the roses my mom brought me from her garden last week (as in January).

  • Find the perfect round mirror and hang by door
  • Hang exit sign
  • Organize and purge closet
Powder Room
  • Sew ribbon on towels  (couldn't resist)
  • Replace trash bin (I dream of this)
Living/ Dining Room 
  • Purge books
  • Replace IKEA Bookshelves with custom built-ins
  • Purge CDs and DVDs
  • Finally decide on window treatments, buy and install them (yup, three years of living here and not a single window treatment is up)
  • Install that missing piece of floor moulding
  • Buy a new TV cabinet
  • Minimize all those cables
  • Move outlet by couch
  • Paint that stool
  • Artwork (I need something big by the couch)
  • Replace IKEA unit with a proper buffet
  • Replace crap knock-off Eames DSW with real ones (maybe one at a time)
  • New floor (yes we have only lived here 3 years, but ours drives me crazy)
  • Purge and organize front bottom drawer
  • Hang knifes
  • Hang utensil rod
  • Re-organize flatware drawer
  • Get rid of bread box and find a different place for bread
  • Buy kitchen clock (dreaming of this)
  • Re-organize lazy susan cabinets
  • Move outlet by coffee machine
  • Repair or replace built-in waste receptacle
  • Clean under, behind and top of refrigerator
Upstairs Hallway 
  • Re-hang picture wall
Sam's Room
  • Purge & organize toys
  • Purge books
  • Purge & organize IKEA cabinet
  • Purge & organize closet
  • Decide on window treatments, buy and install
  • Remove the circle appliques 
  • Hang map
  • New mattress
  • Decide on window treatments, buy and install
  • New chairs for balcony
  • Paint silent waiter
  • Figure out what to do with my Grandmother's mirror
  • Clean, buff etc. Eames (?) ottoman
  • Purge handbags
  • Replace bedside cabinets with ??
  • Replace bedside lighting with wall mounted fixtures
Master Bath
  • Finally buy lighting fixture for above mirror
  • Wallpaper  side & back wall
  • Purge cabinet
  • Hang pictures
  • Decide on window treatments, buy and install
Extra Room
  • Sell or give away bookshelves
2nd Bath 
  • Have tiling finished (it is actually "done", but I decided to add some more. I think)
  • Have bathroom fixtures hung
  • Buy wall mounted cabinet (something like this)
  • Decide on lighting fixtures, hang
  • Buy shower rod & curtain, hang
  • Desk back to my Aunt
  • Sell or give away bookshelf
  • Purge shelves
  • Rod/Shelf system for diving equipment 
  • Wood to garage
  • Re-paint floor
  • Cabinet for refrigerator
  • Purge & organize shelves
  • Re-paint floor 
  • Plant white rose (maybe Claire Austin)
  • Plant hydrangeas along garage
  • Plan/build water feature
  • Re-design herb/kitchen garden
  • Expand plant bed by magnolia
  • Add plant bed by pergola
  • Hang wrack system for garden tools in shed
  • Paint garage back door
  • Paint garden shed doors
  • Install threshold to front entry of garden shed 
  • Buy/Install Deck Parasol
No particular room
  • Finish Sam's baby album (I am such a loser)
  • Remove all of those finger prints off of the walls
  • Replace thermometers (if I win the Lotto it will be these) 
Next week one of these items will have a line through it and I hope to find an exciting way to write about it.  At the moment I am thinking of tackling the entry closet.  Exciting stuff for sure.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
- William Morris


  1. I love your list and the You have motivated me.....maybe the two cupboards in Cory's room!! Can't wait for your first update!

  2. I love your list, especially the garden items. I need to up my game in that respect. I really can't wait for spring this year!

    I loved all your links, too. (Yes, I read your whole list.) There is one link that isn't working (2nd bath, wall mounted cabinet) that you know have me eager to see. You have great taste.

  3. @ Heidi - You should do that and join the link up. A lot of inspiration and motivation there.

    @ Jules - Thanks for the heads up on the link. It wasn't so much that it wasn't working. More like I forgot to add it. :) Thanks again for hosting this!

  4. Your list for Sam's room is nearly identical to the one for my son, right down through the Ikea storage. Except that his appliques are staying up! And I also have a lot of window treatments to tackle this year.

  5. Great list. I love "Remove all of those finger prints off of the walls". Too funny! I'm also officially in love with your Pinterest boards and followed you as soon as I saw a board dedicated solely to chairs!

  6. @ Kelly - I think lots of boy's rooms have the same problems. :)

    @ Liz - Thanks for the visit and the follow on Pinterest. I am a little obsessed with chairs, too bad that all the ones I love are so $$$$$$$$$.

  7. That white rose, it is so lovely - wonder if it would grow here...must find out. Great List (capitalized for emphasis on its greatness). Good luck with the closet too!

  8. @ Jennifer - I need all of the luck I can get with the closet. Hopefully I will get through it and have a post ready by Thursday.


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