Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tomato Jam

The weather is still all over the place and my tomato crop is still the bomb. Luckily Pinterest came into my life a few months ago, because I would have never thought to look up a recipe for tomato jam.  The pin was a recipe from Bliss (please check out her blog).  I had a little less than 4 pounds of tomatoes, so I adjusted the other ingredients accordingly.  Actually I guessed. 

It looks pretty good in the glass.  It tastes so much better.  This afternoon I had a smear on my ham and sourdough bread sandwich.  Tomorrow I am trying it on grilled cheese.

Now my tomatoes aren't ripening fast enough.


  1. It sounds amazing, I will have to check out this sight. I tried rhubarb jam this summer my first attempt ever of making was not good!
    maybe your sight will have better recipes.

  2. I hope to try making some of this...if my tomatoes ever end up getting ripe! Sure makes a pretty jar, doesn't it?!

  3. oh wow, I bet that's FAB on grilled cheese!! yum!

  4. Das klingt ja soooo lecker. Hätte auch gerne meine eigenen Tomaten und noch lieber gleich ein Glas deiner Marmelade. Vielleicht probiere ich am Wochenende mal das Rezept. Pinterest hilft wirklich in fast allen Lebenslagen, oder ;-)

  5. this looks really good... have a nice one!

  6. hihi... hab mir grad überlegt, wie das wohl wäre, wenn ich mein ich schmier mir lecker erdbeermarmelade aufs brot, beiß rein... und dann...

    aber is bestimmt super lecker schmecker - nur eben nicht, wenn man mit was süßem rechnet ;)


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