Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Flowers

Friday is always the day for fresh flowers in our house.  It was a tradition that I started while living in Brooklyn.  There I would go to a flower shop in Grand Central during lunch or stop by the Union Square Farmers Market on my way home.   I still get flowers on Friday, but now I can do it country style. :) During the summer months I pick them myself at one of the many pick your own fields nearby.  I was going to bring my camera and take pictures of the field, but I forgot it in my usual morning rush.  So, you will have to make do with pictures of my harvest, pickings, or whatever.


Sword Lilies

Looking at the last picture reminds me that I still have some unfinished business with the Thonet stool.   I did buy a tub of wood filler and I am now pretty sure that it will end of being painted yellow. In my book that counts as progress.


  1. That is a very good practice, to get fresh flowers every Friday...I always say I will start doing it but I forget (make note to self).

    Your sword lilies are like our gladiolas, I wonder if they are the same thing?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Die Farben der Snapdragons sind ja zauberhaft. Wie heißen die fröhlichen Blumen denn auf deutsch?
    Bei mir gab es diesen Freitag eine einzelne rosafarbene Hortensie, die jetzt ganz kurz geschnitten in einer meiner weißen Vasen glänzt. Wünsche dir ein tolles Wochenende Monica!

  3. Hi Tesca - Das sind Löwenmäulchen. Hortensien finde ich auch toll als Schnittblume. Noch ein schoenen Sonntag!

  4. Was für eine schöne Tradition! Ich kaufe auch einmal die Woche Blumen, aber nie an einem speziellem Tag - sollte ich aber.


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