Monday, March 28, 2011

More of Less

The past week certainly flew by and here it is time for my second go at More of Less.  I decided to stick with the kitchen for this week because this is another drawer that has been bothering me for some time.

Kind of case and point, don't you think? I have always intended this drawer to be a junk drawer of sorts, but junk meaning to hold a myriad of things and not looking like this.

 Here is what I pulled out of the drawer and what I did with it all:

17 Pens  - keeping three and the remaining are going to the office (after checking if they work)
10 Markers - keeping three and the remaining going to the basement or office
1 Broken paint brush - trash
2 Old cellphones - to be donated
1 Box of tacks - to the basement
1 Pair of garden shears - to stay
1 Bottle of bubbles - to the basement
1 Roll of plastics bags - to the correct drawer
1 Calculator  - to stay
4 Mini water soakers (confiscated last year after I was soaked) - to outdoor summer toys
1 Candle - to candle drawer
1 Receipt - to warranty stuff
1 Orchid care instruction tag - trash
1 Fruit fly trap - to stay
1 Box of assorted stuff for our coffee machine - to stay
1 Set of instructions for an electrical timer - to be attached to timer, once I find it
1 Bag of sparklers - to holiday box
1 Bag and container of mini amarettini cookies - to the sweet shelf

I still need to look around the house to see if I can find a drawer insert that will fit.  If not, I have something else to add to my IKEA shopping list.  Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Wow, what a difference! I had to laugh at the instructions to the timer, but no house has the same missing partners too.

  2. you and I are quite alike....My husband saves boxes and we don't have the item that even went in the box anymore....drives me crazy!! like tv boxes the computer box.....

  3. Dir auch einen fröhlichen Montag! Oh, deine Küchenschubladen-Strategie ist einfach toll. Kannst du nicht mal bei mir vorbeischauen... Meine Schubladen könnten ein make-over gut vertagen, nur bin ich so schlecht im nachhalten. Einmal aufgeräumt und 3 Wochen später regiert wieder voll das Chaos...
    Lieben Gruß


  4. großer Unterschied...liebe Grüße

  5. Hi Monica,
    ich hab' dich hier nominiert, weil dein blog mich wirklich immer sehr inspiriert ;-) Hoffe, du freust dich!

    Lieben Gruß


  6. Love this post - I did a similar one at my blog! Check it out if you like!


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