Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Time has been on my mind a lot lately.  Mainly because I just finished taking an e-course (my first) on time management.  When I say finished I mean the 6 weeks that it was scheduled for are now over and not so much that I actually finished all the course work.  Don't get me wrong, the class was really good.  I have read all of the material, but have yet to finish all the exercises.  I guess I am going through the process of digesting the course at a slower pace.   Time  and how we choose to spend it is so essential in our lives.  So allowing myself more time seems right to me.  I have routines and schedules to develop all in the hope to be a little less hectic and a little less late.  I see that it is 12:06 here and I think I will pick up Sam from the Kindergarten a little earlier than usual.

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