Friday, October 8, 2010

Found it!

While at the nursery looking for spring bulbs I found the Echinacea that I have been searching for. Coconut Lime welcome home and I hardly care that I paid €8,- for it.

It will be planted this weekend and will look nice next to the Champagne Bubbles and Alba Echinacea.


  1. Hi, welcome to blog land! I am so excited to be the first to follow you. I saw your comment over at 66 square feet. If you don't know about her cat over there you need to check his blog out, you'll see the black cat there, he is so fuuny.

    What country are you in? I live in the Pacific Northwest USA.

  2. Hi Sherri and thanks for the welcome. I have been reading 66 sq. ft. for a couple of months and just discovered Estorbo's blog. I cried laughing reading about his "nigh".
    I live in Germany in the state of Hessen, about half way between Frankfurt and Heidelberg.


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