Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunday Walks

In Germany stores are closed on Sundays (except for a few times a year when locally organized Sunday shopping events take place).  Here Sundays are a day to slow down.  It is quite common to go for walks and then have coffee and cake with friends and family.  We haven't gone on walks for awhile but regularly partake in coffee and cake at my Mom's house.  This past Sunday we decided to go for a walk.  It was a beautiful day.

I didn't realize how unattractive my shoes were until I saw them when I downloaded the pictures.  I seem to remember a time when I would not have been caught dead wearing these.


  1. How nice this sounds. I remember when I was young in Portland, Oregon USA, stores were also closed, even the grocery...It would be great to get back to that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I so know what you mean about the shoes..
    There must have been a day when I made the decision to follow my mum's advice that comfort was more important than 3 inch stillettos.. but I swear I don't remember it.
    I think it was somewhere in my 30's... and I was asleep !!
    A long autumnal walk followed by tea and cake.. bliss.
    Jo xx
    p.s. That sun through the trees shot... very pretty !


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