Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Painted Thonet Stool, I Did It!

Anybody remember this post about my Thonet stool from last year?  Yeah, me either.  Of course, if I consider that I first attempted to refinish it in 2002 or 2003, putting it off for another 17 months doesn't seem so terrible. It is all a matter of (distorted) perception, I guess.

Aside for the terrible refinishing job I did, I also used (or abused) the stool as a plant stand.  The pot leaked and hence the cracks.  Normal blogging procedure would be to now show a series of pictures showing the step-by-step DIY.  I am going to break the tradition, mostly because I neglected to take pictures.  I did Instragram a photo showing the first coat of color going on.  My process was simply to agonize for weeks about color choice, decide on black, fill the cracks (standard wood filler), lightly sand the surface, spray a coat of primer and finally spray several coats satin paint.  When I first went to buy the supplies I was positive one can of spray paint would be more that enough, but I ended up using almost three cans.  Seems excessive, but most of the paint was wasted when I sprayed the legs.   That and I was obsessed with getting the finish as close to perfect as I could.

I am beyond happy with the results.  Notice the yellow vase?  That is my trade off for my paint choice.  Black is the new black, you know.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! =D I think it looks fabulous. Black IS the new black, isn't it? So nice to 'see' you again! =)

  2. It looks AWESOME! I really like the matte or semi-matte finish! And this totally sounds like me...I often take TONS of time to finish a project. Oh, and deciding on a color! And which paint to use...

    1. Thanks! This project is so typical for me. Everything takes me foreverrr. I just put up the first window treatments in the house and we have been here for almost 4 years.

  3. Haha, we would go so well together...the first years we lived here all walls were white with no pictures or painting hung because I couldn't decide what I like on our wall! And this kitchen buffet I got for free last year was standing half sanded in our apartment (!) for more than half a year (!) unused (!). Sanding and painting didn't quite work out as we planned and then we totally lost motivation to do anything with it for more than 6 months! Ugh!

  4. "Black is the new black"...very nice! Love the make over very much...and your photos are wonderful!


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