Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To do's

In October I posted "So" with a to do list.  Here is an updated version with some excuses explanations for the state of progress:
  • Organize the basement (this alone is a huge undertaking) This is just to big to be listed as a single item. So, I am going to break this down into manageable tasks.  Considering that we have put in several hours of work, I already have some finished tasks to cross off my list. Yes, I add completed tasks to my to do lists just to cross them off. 
  • Sort & organize bedroom closet No comment.
  • Sort through Sam's room Seems kind of silly considering he is 6 and has the ability to completely "destroy" his room in under 5 minutes.
  • Organize kitchen cabinets Another one to break down
  • Repaint basement floor Can't really do that until I finish the organizing
  • Clean windows (we have 21, 24 counting the basement) I cleaned the ground floor windows.  Think I will list windows by floor. Anyway, five windows down.
  • Spring bulb planting
  • Roses to move and plant Can't move it until it is dormant.  Leaves are still green, so I totally blame the rose and the weather.
  • Hostas to split and move (not sure if it wold be best to wait until Spring for that one) Decided to go for it. I like to live dangerously.
  • Design built-in cabinet for bathroom I meant to do the professional thing and do drawings but it just didn't happen & so I winged it explained everything to the carpenter while he took measurements.
  •  Consolidate to do/project lists Sad, but I haven't found them all.
So I need to add:
  • Organize spice cabinet
  • Organize holiday decorations (basement)
  • Organize Pantry (basement)
  • Throw out the stuff that I have had in the throw out pile for months (basement)
  • Sort through High School and College Documents (basement)
  • Sort through letters (basement) 
This week's project is the spice cabinet.  Here is it's current state.


      1. I can't begin to tell how many of these lists upon lists that I have made...I have tried a new approach by choosing something that I can only work on for 30 min. In that time I may not look at, think about or touch anything else. You could do it in 15 min. or whatever you like but not too long or it doesn't work. At the end of that time you have to be 'done' working on that for that time. This has worked well for me...Good luck.

      2. You are so brave to commit your 'to do' list to your blog..
        One thing I do when I make a list is to break up big things into smaller tasks.. like you say. Because then you've always got somthing you can draw a line through.
        Just yesterday I saw a professional organiser on the 'Nate Burkis show' suggesting the same time management trick that Sherri B's suggested, and I'd never heard it before.. but I'm going to try it.
        Jo xx
        Good Luck btw..

      3. Sherri - I have heard about the concept of spending a set time on a task and would definitely have to set it to 15 minutes. I am very easily distracted.

        Jo - Nate has his own show? He was always a highlight for me on Oprah. Love his old Chicago apartment and the small apartment he first had in Manhattan.

      4. Oh yes.. for about 6 weeks or so.
        It's a daily hour long magazine show on NBC in the States and City TV in Canada.
        Of course it's heavily design biased but he does bits on fashion and money saving and stuff.
        He has celebrity guests too.. he's already had Laura Linney on twice, so I think they must be friends.
        I seem to catch it pretty much every day because it's on at a time when Bill's still at work and there's nothing else on.


      Always happy to hear from you!